FIRST DIBS- AAA Grade chokers

FIRST DIBS- AAA Grade chokers

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*PLEASE do not purchase if you did not ask for First dibs through DM's 🙏🏽* I will be making more eventually. These are for people that reached out and asked for First Dibs through Instagram. 

Please pick your Choker and length below!

Make sure you measure your neck- 14-16" is standard choker size. I added one size up, 15-17" for options. 

GP= Gold Plated. (24k gold plating, tarnish resistant)

SS= Sterling Silver


Top to Bottom: 

Labradorite GP 14-16" 

Moonstone GP 14-16"

SS Moonstone 14-16"

Labradorite GP 15-17"

SS Moonstone 15-17"

Keshi Pearl GP 15-17"

SS Labradorite 15-17"