Selenite Heart
Selenite Heart
Selenite Heart

Selenite Heart

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A luminous, beautiful selenite heart made for use  in meditation as a palm stone, on your altar, crystal grids, etc. This would make a sweet little gift for a loved one.

For use to amplify your inner light, hone in on your internal wisdom, and use in your healing practices- selenite is an every day tool for me, used to channel the pain out of my body by gently rubbing it up my arms, across my lymphatic drainage points on my chest, down the center of my chest and up to cleanse the heart, and tracing the rest of my body. Great for people suffering from chronic pain, depression, heaviness. Cleansing is Selenite's main healing property. 


All of my crystals have been cleansed. I encourage you to explore building a bond with this beautiful crystal and program it with intention for your highest self. 


Length: 1.5"

Width: Around 2"

Height: Around .5"