The Maker 

Multi-media artist and Nightbreed Creations founder Sakina started off as a mixed media artist, selling her paintings and sculptures under an alias for years before deciding to shift  into an academic setting. Throughout college, Sakina experimented a lot, pushing all boundaries of every material she used. Eventually, she made a few pieces of jewelry as another experiment, backpacked all over India and Nepal, and ended up mailing most of her clothes back to bring home materials to work with. From her return to America onwards, Nightbreed Creations has expanded all over the world. She balanced caring for her mother and making ends meet, fusing her skills with her mother's love of jewelry as a muse. Sakina's experimental tendencies can be clearly seen in her work, and her drive to conquer new techniques and materials never stops. She is constantly sketching, outside in nature, soaking in her favorite muse: the outdoors. Since her Mother's passing this year, she has dedicated her efforts to honor her Mother's grace, beauty, and warrior spirit the best she can through her work. In her downtime, she enjoys tribal fusion bellydance, hiking, and returning to her first loves, painting and photography. 


Our Philosophy 

Nightbreed Creations pieces are hand made with the highest quality gemstones, crystals and metals, with products that are responsibly sourced from all over the world. Each order is packaged for safe arrival to your doorstep and ready to give as a gift for yourself or a loved one. For lovers of crystals, crystal healing and gifts from our divine mother- welcome to Nightbreed Creations.