Welcome to Nightbreed Creations Affiliate Page!

What is an affiliate?
An affiliate is a person who partners with a brand to promote and market  the brand's products. Affiliates will then will get a percentage commission based on a successful sale. Example: You snapped a picture wearing your favorite rings from me, and followed the affiliate guidelines. Someone likes them, and uses your affiliate link to buy some pieces for themselves. You just made some money! It's as simple as that. 

How does this work?
Sign up to create your free account. Your application will be reviewed, as we are only accepting people that will take the program seriously. If/when you are accepted, you will log into your portal with your email and password. You will have an affiliate link, which will direct customers to the Nightbreed Creations website. They will shop using your link, and you will get a commission based on the sale. 

How much is commission and when is it paid?
Commission is 8% of any successful sale and will be paid monthly. That 8% adds up quickly- and you're fully in control of how much you share your code and get the word out!

Nightbreed Creations has the right to modify the affiliate program without notice. If any signs of misconduct, misuse, or inappropriate marketing strategies are used, you are subject to immediate termination from the program. We are here to spread LOVE and abundance with integrity and honor.